Julia Desiree Merican

Writer Based in Southeast Asia & the UK


Julia Merican is a Malaysian-British (+ Singaporean) writer from Kuala Lumpur. She’s also an MSt English student at the University of Oxford, and is finding writing in the third person quite a lot of fun.

She has been writing stories since she could type. While her earlier work left much to be desired, her short story 'Unlucky' was shortlisted for the Aesthetica Creative Writing Award in 2019.

Her interests lie primarily in literature, art, popular culture, and film. That being said, she is very much open to freelance offers, and will write on just about anything, as long as she finds it interesting.



[email protected]



2020 // 'Hidden Lines' Exhibition Text / JB Blunk Estate x Francis Gallery

2019 // 'Fragmented Bodies: The Personal and the Public' Wall Text


2020 // Quarantine Apparel in The Virgin Suicides / Five Novels that Champion Social-Distancing / Emotional Baggage in 'The Garden Party' / Why You Should Borrow Books from the Library / Frozen II: Woke or Nope?

2019 // The Allure of the Italian Summer

2018 // The Crazy Rich Represent Asians


2020 // Meta Morphosis / Unlucky


2020 // Being Foreign, Abroad and At Home / Rain before Rainbows / Museo Antonio Canova / Georg Olden / Kepler Track / Life in Lockdown: Malaysia / Opali / Important Things to Remember in Times of Pan(dem)ic / Wire Your Days / An Interview with Durfess / Durham's Spoken Word Poets

2019 // Reflection on the TLC's Controversial New Bathrooms / Hungry Ghosts: The Seventh Month


2020 // Editor at the Oxford Review of Books.
Editorial Intern at Cereal Magazine.
Editorial Intern at Francis Gallery.
Editor-in-Chief at ft. Lighthouse.
Interview Editor at Palatinate.

2019 // Publicity Officer at D.U.E.L.S..
Communications Intern at STPI Creative Workshop & Gallery.

2018 // Enterprise Intern at BFM 89.9.

2017 // Marketing Intern at The Body Shop Malaysia.