Julia Desiree Merican

is a writer based in Malaysia.


Julia Merican is a British-Malaysian (+ Singaporean) writer from Kuala Lumpur. She is also currently a researcher at the Institute for Democracy and Economic Affairs, and is finding writing in the third person quite a lot of fun.Her preoccupations include the allure of transitory or ruined spaces, the swirling depths of the diaspora, writing that trickles outside of generic boundaries, and unlikely spaces of reconciliation.She writes about art, design, film, literature, and little things that are less easy to define, like letters found in secondhand books, or how sunlight falls onto brick walls.



Get in touch at:[email protected]


on art + design

2022 // Gift Exchange / A Silent Dwelling
2021 // Circumstance and Structure / Precision to Softness /
Reviving Hvidt & Mølgaard / Reconciling Differences
2020 // The Cerebral and the Sensual / Georg Olden / 'Hidden Lines' Exhibition Text / JB Blunk Estate x Francis Gallery2019 // 'Fragmented Bodies: The Personal and the Public' Wall Text

on film + literature

// The Directness of Apples /
Dressing Up for Noodles: In the Mood for Clothes
2021 // Cosmopolitan Reveries / Turmoil Within and Without / How I Settle Myself / A Conversational Art: Larissa Pham2020 // Five Novels that Champion Social-Distancing / Why You Should Borrow Books from the Library2019 // The Allure of the Italian Summer2018 // The Crazy Rich Represent Asians


// Meta Morphosis / Unlucky

on people + places

2022 // "Let the Land Be": Culture, Heritage and Economic Development in Melaka / Monitoring the Belt and Road Initiative
2020 // Being Foreign, Abroad and At Home / Kepler Track2019 // Hungry Ghosts: The Seventh Month

on style + culture

// A Particular Mood / At the Core of It
2020 // Opali / Wire Your Days2019 // Reflection on the TLC's Controversial New Bathrooms